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Unique Hotel

Experiense type Uniqe Hotel

Samurai training!



This is the BBQ Castle!!

Approximately 300 years ago,There were a lot of castles in Shikoku.
In the castles, there were many Samurais.
Each Samurai had its own faith and they fought for important people and disappeared once upon a time.

Now here in Matsuno-town, Ehime prefecture.
One Samurai is training hard the Samurai way(knight-errantry)to treat foreign travelers.

The house where he lives is called BBQ Castle.

BBQ Castle is a unique hotel.

Why don't you make unforgettable memories of your trip at BBQ Castle?


The samurai’s name who lives in Matsuno-town is Ryoma Nikumoto.
He is one of the few samurais remaining in Japan.
He will teach about samurai training, Japanese traditional BBQ, how to drink sake Japanese alcohol.

You can stay at the samurai’s house,too!
There is a hot spring in front of the house.
You may spend such a spectacular day.

For example...

You train yourself with the samurai and enjoy the Japanese traditional BBQ and sake. 
You can go to the hot spring .
You will  be able to sleep soundly!

Too good to be true?Come and experience a one of a kind treat for yourself!


If you're looking for a cheap hotel, I'm sorry. We can't satisfy you.


However, if you are looking for unforgettable travel memories and experiences that can only be done in the countryside, we promise to provide high-quality services.

He also has a unique brother.


It's rare to meet unique samurai, but if you meet them, your trip will be bright and enjoyable.



Accommodation fee & hot spring bathing ticket: 7,500 yen


BBQ: From 6,000 yen


Breakfast: 1,500 yen


Check-in 16:00〜18:00


Check-out: 10:00



Please tell me what you want to eat for BBQ.

Local ingredients are venison, river fish, seafood from the Seto Inland Sea, seasonal vegetables, etc.


If you want to experience the "Samurai Kimono".
It is also available for rent.



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